The Apple Orchard

Directly across the street from us lived two Italian families in the same flat.  It was on the ground floor and they sat outside on the stoop, after dinner, every day in good weather. Giuseppe Domingo (Mingo) and Marcello were brothers–in-law, their wives were sisters.  All of them were so beautiful.  The women, full bodied, shapely and always cheerful, warm and friendly with everyone. The men – oh good God!  So handsome, especially Mingo, big and dark-skinned, built like a Michelangelo sculpture, with rippling muscles and a smile to swoon for.  Marcello was also well made, smaller in frame but really a good-looking man too.  The men were so casually and confidently sexy in their sleeveless undershirts, with that Mediterranean easygoing gorgeousness.  They were always smiling and calling to me and my little sister (who was hardly more than eight years old) and any female that passed by!  It was obvious they simply adored females in any form – and they flirted brazenly with all the girls on the street!  They did this in front of their wives, children – anyone at all. No one around had any effect on them.

Well, several of us girls who lived around them on Belvedere Street were often called over to sit on the stoop, so we casually went and ‘visited’.  We vaguely felt and pretty much knew that it was kind of disrespectful of the wives, but no-one seemed to care that much, including the wives.  They gave us cool drinks and creamy pastries. We laughed with the men, sat on their laps as they pulled us to do so, and they openly kissed us on our arms and hands. 

Mingo said to me one afternoon, “I dream in da night about you, you very beautiful girl!”  I was flattered, and flirted back, “Oh, what about your wife!  Don’t you dream about her?”   He burst into laughter and smiled broadly, saying, “Every night, every night!” 

We both laughed.  Yes, with those Italians – it was all good!  

One day, my good friend Denise and I were at the corner store, buying homemade dill pickles.  We were poking our hands in a huge barrel full of brine and pickles, and Mingo came in. His face lit up in a huge smile and we smiled back. He told us he was going to go to the apple orchards outside the city, with Marcello.  They had a truck and he asked if we wanted to come.  I don’t know what day it was but it was Fall and not a school day. Denise and I were twelve or so.  We looked at each other.  Why not!  So we went.

As far as I recall, we never asked our parents – hers were working anyway, as they had a small flower-stand downtown and were gone every single day, including weekends.  My mother was probably at home, but that was fine with me. 

Mingo said we’d be back in a couple of hours, so off to the countryside we went.  It was a long ride.  When we got to the orchard, we all had to pee and did so among the apple trees.  We started pulling apples off the trees and filling the two bushel baskets that the men had brought.  Mingo pointed to some very fine apples on a higher branch and just lifted me onto his broad shoulders with one motion, so I was sitting with my legs around his neck.  “You gotta take-a dose apple,” he said, pointing to a branch I could reach from my perch on his shoulders.  I stretched my arms and reached to get those apples and as I did so, he held my legs to steady me.  He started caressing my thighs.  He turned his head and started kissing my bare legs as I pulled at the apples.  It felt wonderful.

I was instantly excited and felt my pussy getting wet. I really did not know what would happen next. I looked around, to see where Denise was. She and Marcello were already lying on the bare ground kissing passionately under the trees.  He was squeezing her lovely full breasts. His hand went up under her dress, and she was loving it, her head thrown back, her lips smiling. 

Mingo got me off his shoulders and started kissing me.  I loved it and let him do as he wished.  There was plenty of kissing of both of us young girls, with their hands in our pussies.  Both men’s cocks were out of their pants – but they never did more than that to us!  They simply both jacked off while they kissed us.  Amazing! 

Then into the truck and back home we went.  Denise and I got bags of apples to take with us, and that was all. Again – never a word was ever said, to anyone, about any of it.

Published by rozhinka

I am a writer, artist and a woman who is exploring and reflecting on many things. In writing this very personal Diary of Secrets and Fantasies, I am looking backwards in trying to understand myself - and I am looking forward in exploring new paths of pleasure and possibilities. It's a precarious and precious journey. It's already been quite surprising - and often shocking.

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