Island Girl Games, continued

Well, this was going to be play-time, and I am surely in his power – I guess that is my fate with men who start up with me. I never seem able to stop it, to assert myself. That habit of all the years of my life is strong. So strong. I am very aware of how I allow it to control me; yet I have no way to be in charge, no way to not want to please a man. Yes, something’s wrong with me, I know. I know I was molded and manipulated – pretty much all my life. I say again, it cannot be ‘fixed’, as I now want it in so many ways. It has become too arousing – all the many twists and turns, the ways I am led to behave and how it makes me do things.

So the next time he called, it was rather late in the evening.  It went this way:

“I have fire going. I have a glass of my favorite whiskey. And I’m thinking about you, about your body.  I really want you.  Was it good for you last time?”


“What would you like to do tonight?  What are you doing?””

“I don’t know. I was watching a nature show.”

“I like nature shows – I like shows of your naked body.  Send me a pic of your pussy.  All natural, I want to see it – and your tits.”

“I – I  can’t. It’s hard to take pics you know.”

“Do it.”

“I really… I can’t right now.”

“I want it.  You understand you are disobeying – and you do know what happens when you disobey?”

“Yes – yes, Sir.”

“So are you all naked? You better do it.  Cause now  I am going to spank your ass – very hard and very slow.  It’ll sting, and you will be hot and your ass will be all red.  But first I want to watch you finger your pussy – play with yourself… then lick the juice off your fingers.  Show me.  Then I will lick your pussy.  I want you to hold it wide open for me.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now, bend over the bed and I will hold your hands behind your back.  You can squirm but you can’t get away.  You don’t obey fast enough.  You need to be taught better manners.  Say ‘Sir, yes, Sir.’”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good.  But it’s spanking time – first with leather gloves, then my bare hand.  Oh, you will be sorry you disobeyed. Your ass – that round, plump, creamy bottom – it’ll sting so bad.  I’ll make it sting sharp. Slow, hard swats.  You are waiting – you are scared – but you know it’s coming – expect each slap, each hard, slow spank.  You have a red and stinging hot butt.  You are wailing to have me stop.  But oh, no, I won’t stop.  I am deciding what’s next for you, my girl, my bad girl.  I need to pay attention to those tits.  Nipple clamps – that’s next.  I am going to clamp them on – just on one tit, hands tied behind your back.  Now I take the small whip.  I will whip your tits – whip your pussy, right inside – where it’s all so wet.  Then your ass gets it.   I’ll suck and kiss your tits, tighten the screw on the one with the nipple clamp – you’re gonna be begging me to do it. Do it BEG me. NOW!”

“Oh please, Sir, please suck my tits, oh please, Sir.”

“Just one tit gets kissed and kicked and sucked.  Which one?  The one with the clamp?  No the other one.  The clamp is pinching you.  Are you hurting?  Yes, it will hurt – a little.  Beg me to stop.”

“Oh Sir – it hurts – oh please, stop please!”

“No. I will do what I like. One tit kissed the other one pinched – yes, that’s it.  Now get ready for your ass fucking.  You are helpless.  Do you like being helpless? No choice, you have no choice.  I am your master.  You know I am.”

“Yes, I am helpless with you.  You are my master.”

“I want you to lick my balls. Lick my whole body.  Wash me – every inch of me, with your tongue.  Convince me you love it.  Or the clamp gets tighter.”

I love it, Sir, I will gladly lick your whole body – with my tongue.”

“I will whip all the most sensitive places on your body with my little whip.  It stings too.  Thighs wide apart – pussy lips spread open, spread those pussy parts for me NOW.  Do you want to come?”

“Oh yes, sir!”

“Well you can’t come yet. Not without my say-so.  Only let it happen when I give you permission to come, understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Never come without permission. Never. I think you are almost there.  Are you hot, close to coming, finger deep in pussy?  Yes?”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you really so wet?  Let me feel.  Oh, yes, you are!  Good girl!  Very good – now pinch your tits, think of me licking you, my fingers in your pussy and in your anus, and my tongue in your cunt, then your mouth, then you suck me off while I whip your ass.  On the floor on your knees, while you suck me, suck hard, suck! Take it all. All! Yeah! I feel good. And  I am whipping your sweet ass while I have my cock in your mouth. Now I am coming in your mouth – swallow every drop.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now I am licking your pussy, oh it’s so wet.  On your clit – soft touch – you are close to coming now, in my power totally.  I am gonna fuck your ass now – I am so hard again.  You have permission to come again, while I fuck your ass.”

“Yes, sir, thank you sir.”

“You will be tied to the bed with silk scarves – face down, you know what’s coming – ahh you are gonna get it so deep, in that tight hole in your ass.  Ahh, coming again!  Yahhhh!”

“Ohh sir – ohh!”

“Thank me for whipping you and for fucking you and for making you come, and for letting you come.  You are my slave – my island slave girl.  No way ever can you get far from me.  I own you.  Always.  I provide all you need and you provide all I need.  This is the way it’s gonna be. Understand that?”

Yes, yes sir. Yes, yes.”

“Thank me.”

“Oh sir – thank you sir. Thank you.”

“All right. Are you sleepy? You may sleep. I’ll call you again soon. Good night. I love you. You know that, do you?”

“Yes. Yes, sir. Good night, sir.”

Published by rozhinka

I am a writer, artist and a woman who is exploring and reflecting on many things. In writing this very personal Diary of Secrets and Fantasies, I am looking backwards in trying to understand myself - and I am looking forward in exploring new paths of pleasure and possibilities. It's a precarious and precious journey. It's already been quite surprising - and often shocking.

3 thoughts on “Island Girl Games, continued

    1. yes i know the Story of O, as I read it years ago. Some of my experiences are definitely somehow connected to the kind of ambiance there
      wow, I need to think about that


    2. omg -I see you did check this out! Yes, I have a few issues with that stuff! But the guy I have now is also so sweet – yet he gets pretty wild and demanding too. I need to find the ways to make it all work! Did you see the beginning of the book?


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